Binghamton Group of North-Western New York State Soccer Referees’ Unit (BGSR)
Constitution and Bylaws
Standing Orders
Effective: May 20, 2015


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The name of this organization shall be the Binghamton Group of the Western New York State Referees Assoc., Inc., and may be referred to as Binghamton Group of Soccer Referees, or BGSR.

    The purpose of this organization shall be:
    1. To advance the understanding and application of the Laws of The Game of soccer.
    2. To support the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) in registering and training referees.
    3. To support affiliated leagues in assigning referees.
    4. To further community participation in all aspects of the game of soccer.
    5. To improve the status of member referees.
    6. To improve the standards of refereeing.
    7. To protect and promote the interests of member referees.
    8. To make representations to the governing bodies for the good of the game and the benefit of member referees.
    9. To promote a closer relationship between referees and soccer associations and kindred bodies
    10. To provide social activities, as desirable, for the membership.
    11. To retain in membership those who have given up active refereeing so that their experience may benefit others.

The location of the organization shall be that of its President unless otherwise established by the Executive Board.

Membership in this organization shall be open to any person interested in the officiating of soccer. All members shall be subject to this Constitution and Bylaws and any Standing Orders established.

  1. The following categories of membership are established:
    1. “Active” members shall be open to all referees, assigners, instructors, and assessors who:
    i) are registered officials in accordance with the requirements of USSF.
    ii) are registered members of BGSR.
    iii) pay the required dues to both the regional USSF organization and BGSR.
    iv) attend the required number of General Membership meetings each year, unless otherwise excused.
    v) have one vote during general membership meetings.

Note: Any Active member who has failed to attend the required number of meetings or present a reasonable basis for failing to do so, may at the discretion of the Executive Board be transferred to Inactive status. Reasonable basis for non-attendance and that shall be considered valid shall be personal illness, or other reasonable circumstances, which meet the satisfaction of the Executive Board. An Active member shall not be subject to involuntary transfer to Inactive status until they have had the opportunity to attend three (3) regular General Membership meetings.

  1. 2. “Inactive” member status may be assigned to a registered USSF official that is not accepting any referee assignments from BGSR who:
    i) pay the required dues to both the regional USSF organization and BGSR.
    ii) will be ineligible to vote.

Note: Inactive member status will automatically be extended to any Active member deployed in Active Military service, during which such period no BGSR dues shall be due. Upon meeting USSF requirements, such member shall revert to Active member status.

3. “Lifetime” membership shall be open to any member who, after long service to the organization, desires to become inactive. Approval shall be by a majority of the vote by members at a General Membership meeting. Lifetime members shall have no vote at meetings, are not eligible to be an officer or be on the Executive Board, and shall not pay dues.

1. Executive Board
There shall be an Executive Board that will consist of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chapter Assessor, Chapter Assignor, and Chapter Instructor, and three (3) At-Large members, each of whom shall have one vote on any matter placed before the Board.

The District Referee Administrator shall be a non-voting Executive Board member and, as such, may participate in the discussions, actions and activities of the Board.

No person may hold more than one position or seat on the Executive Board at any given time.

i) Executive Board Meetings
The Executive Board shall meet at least four (4) times per year, and may hold its meetings at such times and places as determined by a majority of the Board members. A majority of Board members in office shall constitute a quorum. The Chair or any two Executive Board members may call special meetings of the Executive Board at any time, provided the purpose of the meeting is specified and announced to all Board members.

ii) Executive Board Responsibilities
The Executive Board shall be empowered by the membership to administer and address all issues brought to their attention for resolution, as well as other matters of interest to BGSR as provided for in these Bylaws. Decisions shall be reported to the membership during regular General Membership Meetings. The Executive Board shall also be responsible for negotiating match fees, reviewing disciplinary actions, approving agreements, and conducting other business necessary to maintain the organization and ensure the welfare and enhancement of soccer, consistent with the organization's stated Purpose, as well as cooperating with DRA, Assigners, Assessors, and Instructors at the local, regional, and national level.

  1. 2. Officers
    The officers of the organization, and their order of succession, shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and shall have the following respective duties and responsibilities:
    i) President - shall
    (1) act as Chair of the Executive Board and preside over all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
    (2) have general supervision over the affairs of the organization, and generally act as its official representative.
    ii) Vice President - shall:
    (1) assist the President in the performance of his/her duties
    (2) exercise the power of the President in his/her absence.
    iii) Secretary - shall:
    (1) Maintain a roll of members.
    (2) Give notice of all general membership meetings to all members.
    (3) Prepare and maintain full and accurate records of all meetings including both Executive Board and general membership meetings.
    (4) Keep an official copy of the Bylaws of BGSR and all amendments to the Bylaws.
    (5) Maintain a record of all correspondence.
    (6) Be responsible for preparing and dispatching minutes of all Executive Board and general membership meetings.
    (7) Provide each member with a copy of the current Constitution and Bylaws, Standing Orders, and membership list
    (8) Maintain an accurate record of meeting attendance inform the Executive Board of the names of all members who have failed to attend the required number of regular general membership meetings.
    iv) Treasurer - shall:
    (1) Receive all revenues and maintain a detailed and clear account of all funds
    (2) Be responsible for making all disbursements, as directed by the Executive Board or the organization at its general membership meeting or in standing orders
    (3) Deposit the funds in a bank, in the name of the organization
    (4) Withdraw the funds to make said disbursements as directed by the organization at is meetings. In case of an emergency, the President shall exercise this responsibility.
    (5) Present a written financial statement to the membership at least once per year.
    (6) Act in compliance with all policies and regulations of the State association.

3. At-Large Members - shall:
i) Attend and participate in Executive Board meetings.
ii) Assist in the operation and organization of BGSR as deemed necessary and required by the Board.

4. Appointment of Treasurer, Chapter Assessor, Chapter Assignor, and Chapter Instructor
The Executive Board shall appoint a Treasurer, Chapter Assessor, Chapter Assignor, and Chapter Instructor, who shall serve on the Executive Board for a term that is concurrent with that of the elected Board members. Such appointments shall be made from amongst those Active members who have received USSF certification in the respective titles of assignor, assessor, and instructor. In the event that no such members exist or are available, the assigned title and Board seat shall be left vacant until such time that it can be filled in accordance with this provision.

5. Election of Officers and At- Large Members, and Terms of Office
i) The President, Vice President, Secretary, and At-large members shall be elected biennially at a regular meeting of the General Membership to be held during the month of June or July immediately prior to the beginning of their term of office. They shall take office the first day of August immediately following the required election, for a term of two years.
ii) In the event that an elected officer (other than President) or Board seat is vacated prior to the end of the term of office, the Executive Board shall appoint an Active member to complete such term. Should the President vacate his office prior to the end of his term, the Vice President shall succeed him and serve the balance of the President's term of office.
iii) Elected At-Large Members shall consist of the three members receiving the most votes.

6. Removal of Executive Board Members, Officers, and Appointed Committee Members
Any officer, Board, or committee member may be removed by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the Executive Board members present at a duly held meeting of the Board, or a two thirds vote of the membership present at a general membership meeting, provided notice stating such purpose has been given in advance of the meeting,

Active referees shall attend all regular General Membership meetings, unless otherwise excused. General Membership meetings will be held and conducted as follows:

  1. Regular meetings shall consist of four business meeting scheduled during the period of January through August. Additional meetings may be scheduled for the purpose of training. The times and dates will be identified and notice will be sent to all members of this organization at least 30 days in advance of the first such meeting of the year.
  2. One quarter of the voting membership shall constitute a quorum at all General Membership meetings and a majority vote shall be used to approve issues, unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws or Standing Orders.
  3. Each Active member shall exercise one vote in ballots taken at the General Membership meetings.
  4. The order of business at the General Membership meetings consist of the following elements :
    i) Roll Call
    ii) Reading of minutes from previous meetings
    iii) Training
    iv) Report of the Executive Board
    v) General news
    vi) Old business
    vii) New business
    viii) Adjournment
  5. Other general membership meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Executive Board or the President.
  6. Any action or decision of the Executive Board may be overruled by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the membership present at a regular general membership meeting.

The Executive Board may establish committees for purposes relevant to the organization. Committee members shall be appointed with the consent of the Executive Board. All committees shall operate in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Orders of BGSR. Committees shall serve until the purpose for which they were created has been fulfilled or until the Executive Board decides to disband the committee.

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all motions, votes, and other business actions at all meetings of the General Membership, Executive Board, committee, and other official meetings of BGSR.

BGSR shall have the power to discipline any member guilty of misconduct, unethical behavior, conduct detrimental to the interests of the organization, or breach of any of these Bylaws or Standing Orders as specified in the Standing Orders on Arbitration, Grievance, and Ethics Procedures. Any member disciplined in any way may file an appeal in accordance with the standing orders on Arbitration, Grievance and Ethics. Appeal beyond this level shall be in accordance with the bylaws of the Western New York State Referees Assoc., Inc. and USSF guidelines. BGSR shall not be liable for any expense incurred by a member who files such an appeal.

Changes to the Bylaws may be made at any general membership meeting by a vote of at least two-thirds of the members in attendance; provided written notice of the proposed change(s) has been presented at a prior regular general membership meeting. Standing Orders, with prior notice, may be issued or modified by a majority vote at a regular general membership meeting.

No member of this organization shall obligate, or speak, act, commit, or otherwise represent this organization in any manner without the express permission of the Executive Board.

As a member group of the Western New York State Referees Assoc., Inc., Binghamton Group of Soccer Referees is subject to the Western New York Referees Assoc., Inc. jurisdiction and bylaws; and to the directives of the United States Soccer Federation. In the event of any conflict between these bylaws and the bylaws of the Western New York Referees Assoc., Inc. or the directives of the Federation, the Bylaws of the higher level authority shall take precedence.



  1. Officiating members shall consist of all Active and Inactive members. Inactive members shall not be assigned games unless required to meet BGSR's obligations.
  2. The Evaluation Committee will provide the Assignor with its recommendation of the proper level of matches for each member. Matches will be assigned, to the extent possible, in accordance with such recommendations, consistent with all other provisions of the Bylaws and Standing Orders.
  3. A referee shall not officiate in any game of a supported league without assignment from the designated assignor, except in emergencies. Fees must be accepted in all games. Proper attire for all games must be worn to conform to USSF directives and FIFA Laws of the Game. Any referee not complying with these rules shall not be assigned games until, in the opinion of the Evaluation Board, he/she has demonstrated a willingness to fulfill these requirements.
  4. All officiating members shall provide the assignor with any dates on which they will be unable to officiate at least three (3) weeks prior to such dates. Availability shall be updated as necessary.
  5. The member will confirm all assignments.
  6. If an emergency should prevent a referee from officiating an accepted game, he/she shall immediately inform the assignor, or if unavailable, a member of the Executive Board. When a member is suspended, all games shall be reassigned.
  7. At least two days prior to an assigned match, the referee shall contact his/her assistant referees. If not contacted by one day prior to the match, the assistant referees shall contact the referee, or if unable, the assignor.


  1. In any season, the fees for the matches shall be determined by agreement between the Executive Board and the governing body of the supported league.
  2. Applicable dues for members of this organization will be approved by a majority of the members at one of the General Membership meeting and are payable to the organization at yearly registration.

If an appointed referee fails to appear at a game, and has no valid reason for doing so, he/she shall, in addition to losing the game fee, be fined the same amount plus $2.00. If this fine is not paid within seven (7) days after notification, the referee shall, at minimum, be suspended from further match assignments until the fine is paid.


  1. The Evaluation Committee shall evaluate each Active member for the level of difficulty of matches to which he/she will normally be assigned. Such evaluation will be based on, but not limited to the following:
    i) Written tests on the knowledge and correct interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
    ii) Field exercise involving physical fitness.
    iii) Match control and positioning.
    iv) Reports submitted by BGSR members, or coaches, on the official's performance at games.
    v) Attendance at membership meetings and training sessions.
  2. The Evaluation Committee shall advise the Assignor(s) of its findings so as to promote proper assignment of officials to matches.
  3. The Evaluation Committee shall maintain accurate and current records regarding its activities and make such records available to the Executive Board on demand. A member is entitled to know his classification, request reclassification, and appeal such classification to the Committee on Arbitration, Grievances and Ethics. Any and all information considered by the Evaluation Committee in making a recommendation or classification regarding any member shall be made available by the Committee to such member upon request.
  4. The final decision on classification of referees shall rest with the Western New York State Referee Administrator and with USSF.

The Laws Interpretation Committee shall be solely responsible for issuing official interpretations of the Laws of the Game on behalf of BGSR.